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Published October 25, 2018

It was only matter of time before Hollywood tries to destroy another anime that you love and that is popular. This time it is Legendary that will try to adapt the Manga, My Hero Academia.

According to this source, Legendary will be developing a film for an adaption of the My Hero Academia manga and they are already making a live-action Detective Pikachu film. Ryosuke Yoritomi will help overlook the project on behalf of the manga publisher Shueisha and Toho will distribute the film in Japan.  This news is cool and all but I only got one question in one word, Why? 

I mean we all know the reason why and that is money. This property is the hottest thing right now, The anime is very popular and already has its own animated film that did very well when it released in selected theaters earlier this year. The My Hero Academia video game is releasing this Friday which people are excited for. Going back to the why, Why do they love to make a live action film for an anime that just doesn’t even sound like it will work?

In this case, I guess it can work a lot better if they do it right but once again I feel like we say this for every anime adaption that becomes a live action mess. Marvel has done a very good job on making their world in films not feel so out of place and I feel like live action films for anime has to go for that. I think every anime or cartoon fan whatever you want to call it has that one big nightmare that they try to erase and that is The Last Airbender.

Let’s not have another live-action movie for an anime like The Last Airbender, Please. Are you guys interested in Hollywood trying to make this live action My Hero Academia movie?

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