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Published August 27, 2018

I’m still confused as to how this battle came about. Aye Verb has been barking for Murda Mook and Loaded Lux for years, and somehow Murda Mook finally gave him the chance out of EVERYBODY else who asked for him. I admit I didn’t want to see this battle, but Verb and Mook did a really good job at promoting this for RBE.

It was also a major move that RBE secured one of the biggest matchups in battle rap history. He’s been going strong since 2014 and to get Murda Mook to battle was legendary. During the jam-packedĀ Rare BreedsĀ event, Mook and Aye Verb put on a show! This is one that they had to put on first, and it did not disappoint. Check out the entire battle below and let me know who you thought took this one.



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