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Published April 26, 2015

Mortal Kombat X on PC is by far one of the worst PC launches of this year! So speaking off my own personal experience and many people in the Steam forums the game is pretty much a huge troll. Click here to get a recap of my Mortal Kombat tales so far. After downloading all the 29 packs and finishing the tutorial as some people recommended I should do, the game is still locking major modes like the DAMN STORY MODE AND ONLINE! Am I mad? Yes, because not only am I unable to play the two most important game modes, but my DLC character is missing and many other people are complaining about frame rate issues. To add insult to injury @NetherRealm games has not tweeted anything. Now lets break this down… The game crashed constantly the first 11 hours after its US launch, when you finally updated the game you still couldn’t play online and story, the DLC is not yet available, and some people are having optimization issues with the game. All in all MKX on PC is having a horrible day 1 launch  and no one has any answers for when we will have a working product.

I find this to be a very disappointing release and the lack of information on why we are experiencing one problem after the next is inexcusable. Going off my own intuition, I feel as though someone either on Steam or NertherRealm’s  end knew a major problem was with the game and this is all just their efforts in trying to stall until a real fix is available. However, that’s just my theory. If any new information comes up or if the game finally works, then will be your first place to get bring you the news.

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