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Published October 25, 2016

In another case of “I told you so” news, one of Titanfall 2’s producers Drew McCoy recently told Stevivor that Titanfall 2 will be supported by the PS4 Pro. However, he noted that the game will not run at native 4k.

“It’s not native 4k and takes so much processing power,” McCoy said. He also added that “I would be surprised if anyone saw native 4K with AAA level games anytime soon”

The Titanfall team was able to take advantage of the extra processing power in the PS4 Pro to make sure it could run at a steady 60 fps at a higher resolution. They were also able to add little things like high-res shadows and higher particle counts.

So again people, I do not want you to go into this holiday season expecting the PS4 Pro to wow you. Of course, it’s going to be more powerful than the PS4 but I wouldn’t be ready to jump ship just yet.

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