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Published May 22, 2015

I was browsing through the Steam store last night searching for the next big thing and I might have found something. Came across this upcoming MMO called Moonrise on the Early Access page.

According the store page this game involves exploring, collecting monsters, evolving them and battles. Now if that doesn’t sound like Pokemon to you, then you’re bugging. The store page also claims this be a free to play MMO, so this could be the Pokemon MMO people always wanted. It will have PvE and PVP + an original story & custom characters. The game already has over 160 creatures.

Found some closed beta game play on Youtube from and they seem to like the game. I’m going to send the developers and email and see if we can set up an interview. This game peaks my interest.

Update: This game is being developed by the same people who made State Of Decay. Definitely a good thing!


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