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Published December 11, 2017

The Monster Hunter World beta has been going on since Saturday & doesn’t end til Tuesday, December¬†12th. So I wouldn’t be shocked if you missed this news. But when you get a chance to catch up on your news, then know that there will be free post-launch¬†DLC. According to our snitch, one of the developers is on record during PSX saying

“We are thinking about free, post-launch updates for Monster Hunter: World. What I can specifically say is that we plan to new monsters and such in hopes that users play for a long time. As for what kind of monsters will be added and so on, information will be shared later on, so please look forward to it.”

Monster Hunter World drops January 26th, 2018 for PS4 & Xbox One. There will be a PC version, but it will launch at a later date.


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