Mista Moshi AKA Mann – KIND | Listen

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  1. …Man this entire post breaks my heart. Im glad y’all still support each other but I wish the shit between GI and Moshi didn’t go so south.

    Perhaps this the signal for a reunion episode on the podcast? 🤔

  2.' Marques Terrell Harris says:

    Shout out to the dude, Moshi

  3. I wouldn’t count on it Richard. As much as I would love to believe that may happen in the future, the damage in both camps is done. The bridge may not be burned but over time, it’s slowly deteriorating.

  4.' topdogentertainment says:

    good shit

  5. Couldn’t finish a game but finished a track woahhh lmaoo

  6.' Hudson Coutts says:

    Is it true that Moshi can survive a zombie apocalypse?

  7.' 3xGdaSpawn says:

    Moshi lowkey got some hits on here. His music evokes some nostalgia.

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