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Published July 6, 2015

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Minecraft Windows 10 edition was announced to launch along side Windows 10 on January 29th. Mod support for the game won’t come as early as a lot might like though. This is due to the fact that c++ isn’t as reverse engineerable as java. What it looks like people will be getting is the pocket edition, but with the addition¬†of some new features.

the good news is that even though the industry seems to like making players pay for the game twice, Microsoft won’t bring a pickaxe to your wallet. Minecraft players with an account won’t have to buy a new one. If you are new to Minecraft theres some¬†good news for you as well. There will be a $10 discount on an account for the game.

In terms of the new features added to minecraft there have been talks of dual wielding. Dual wielding will allow you to handle two swords to fight or even a pickaxe and stack of torches to mine more efficiently. Shields were discussed along with the possibility of enchanted arrows that have effects like poison or the ability to light up a target for a few seconds. These are all being worked on and balanced, but there will undoubtedly be more spoken of in the future.



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