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Published April 19, 2017

Minecraft hits the Nintendo Switch May 11th and I’m sure everyone figured the Switch can handle a game that size right? Nope! Minecraft Switch Edition will have limitations on the world size. Meaning the PS4 and X1 version of the game is actually a step up. Sources say the framerate will be the same but the Nintendo Switch Edition can only handle a medium world size of 3072×3072 blocks. PS4 and X1 large size is 5120×5120 blocks equating to a 40% loss of buildable area for the Switch. While that certainly doesn’t seem like good news for Minecraft fans, Nintendo Switch can at least say it was 13% larger than the Wii U, PS3, and XBox 360 versions.

What do you think about Minecraft for Nintendo Switch being “medium” only and larger on current gen consoles? Does it matter? Is anyone even playing Minecraft these days? Let us know.

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