Minecraft Story Mode Debut Trailer

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  1. J_Dawg96 says:

    Seems interesting to say the least. I got into Minecraft for about a month and never played it since. I’ll probably get it but during a sale, I haven’t played a Telltale Game I didn’t like.

  2.' Cristian Taylor says:

    Interesting, soundtrack seems like it’ll be solid but this would be a sale game.

  3.' MrPwner911 says:

    Interesting cast of voice talents I’ll admit. I haven’t tried any of the TellTale Games aside from Poker Night 2, might give this a whirl.

  4. Romario Garibay says:

    Hope this game gets a lot of attention. I’ll definitely take a look at it. Never really been a fan of the shallow gameplay that Tellatale provides but they craft good stories for sure!

  5.' Xkamui says:

    Lol a minecraft story? In my opinion, It sounds real boring, they should do nintendo, marvel, DC, Mass effect , family guy, or some cool games that actually have a story.

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