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Published August 31, 2018

What do you do when your platform has no solid exclusives and you’re struggling to bring in new people to your eco-system? Publish better games right?! Wrong! You consider creating a leasing program for your console. That’s what could happen according to our informant. This all-access program is said to set you back $35 a month. It would include an Xbox One X, Xbox Live Gold, and the Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox One X is $500, XBL is $60 a year and Xbox Game pass is $10 a month. If purchased all these services individually for a year you would have spent $680 dollars. With this program, you’re only spending $420 a year. The problem is it would take years to pay off that Xbox One X if Microsoft is to do a lease to own type situation. I have so many questions.

Prices change all the time. What if the Xbox One X drops down in price? Do they adjust your monthly payments to reflect that? What if I miss a payment? Do they add interest or do they Microsoft police bust down your door and seize your console? Imagine Terry Crews kicking down your door in a Crackdown 3 cosplay demanding all the product. That would be funny.

Anyways; does this program interest any of you?

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