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Published July 9, 2016

Microsoft stood on stage at E3 2016 promising to deliver the most powerful console the world had ever seen holiday 2017. They claimed it would be able to offer true 4K gaming in a box. The only problem is the original Xbox One is only a couple years old. Some people might be pissed knowing there’s an option to upgrade. An upgrade that isn’t minor might I add! It’s something you’re going to want. According to our snitch Microsoft aims to make the transition to the Scorpio as smooth as possible.

According to our snitch, Microsoft intends to make the transition to the Scorpio as smooth as possible. They claimed they’d be offering a trade up program to those who own the original Xbox one. Bring in your Xbox One and they’ll provide you a credit towards the purchase of the new Scorpio.

“We want to make that transition as smooth as possible. Some of our retail partners today do trade-in programs and that’s definitely going to be partnerships we continue to move going forward. We’ll try partnerships with our retail partners to smooth it even more with trade-in programs and things like that.”

That’s great to hear that they’re working to take care of their customers. I just hope people get a great trade-in value for their console. I think they should give people at least $200 towards the next console. If Microsoft only offers people like $50 towards a Scorpio for their trade in, then I see them getting a lot of backlash from the community. Only time will tell, though. Let’s hope for the best.

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