Microsoft Tells Cortana to Take A Seat

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  1.' Michelle Ettienne says:

    messed up i like her.

    1.' Gamer's passion says:

      Agreed Amazing ?

    2.' Michelle Ettienne says:


  2.' Amorayah Darby says:

    Hey wtf?! cortana my bitch tho.

  3.' Monique Shiflett says:


  4. Joey Joey says:

    @MstechNotfancy can I get a source to confirm this?

  5.' Gamer's passion says:

    Valuable Post

  6.' Janken says:

    I’m enjoying all the tech related articles. Hoping for more. Keep it up Gi ?

  7. Fbreezy says:

    Damn, how am I gonna save the galaxy from the covenant now?

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