Microsoft & Sony Join Forces – The Console War Over?

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  1.' Johnny Paroxysm says:

    This is my personal opinion.

    The Sony brand is failing. The only thing that’s making money right now coming from Sony is the Sony PlayStation’s, their gaming units and video games division.
    When it comes to TVs people are buying more Samsung ,Vizio, LG more people are leaning towards just buying a regular size small TV like a Pro-scan, and buying the Apple TV to go with it.

    And their movie division where they have produced several lackluster movies(in the past 7years) that did not perform well or up to their standards. Venom is an exception to the rule.

    Sony music,Sony smart phone. To me they are doing this, because they are failing. They’re trying to be more innovative. There was a time where Sony Music had the option of selling individual songs instead of hours they thought that if they so individual songs they will be shooting themselves in the foot, so they push more for people to buy albums and did not work. as we see now streaming is taking over the market

    Again opinion, but let’s see where this gets them.

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