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Published March 14, 2018

We’re still a few months out from E3 2018, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from getting the hype training moving! The head of games marketing at Microsoft even went as far as to say “mark your calendars as we kick off our biggest @E3 showing ever on Sunday, June 10th at 1pm PT live from Microsoft Theater!” on Twitter.

The question is what can we expect? We know they’ll have their booths and a bunch of fans on the show floor with green t-shirts, but what about the games? I don’t want to see any more stage time wasted on 4K texture packs for Minecraft or manufactured laughs/smiles in Sea of ZzzZz. I want to see better support for their new console the Xbox One X. More games and more exclusives! Comment below what you want to see.

Hurry up June!

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