Microsoft Kills Scalebound

  • bloohot479

    Such a shame the looked good too

  • Hopefully they can use those assets into a new game

  • Hopefully Sony saves the day and gets the W.

    • They can’t cause Microsoft owns the rights to the game 🙁

    • They can’t cause Microsoft owns the rights to the game 🙁

    • They could just buy the rights. Microsoft did that with Halo.

    • They can’t cause Microsoft owns the rights to the game 🙁

  • Bosco Jenkins

    They axed an original IP to work on sequels smh

  • Nick Bracken

    Apparently there was a lot of creative conflict between the developer and Microsoft. Some of Microsoft’s demands made in nearly impossibe to run on the Xbox and the developers got so frustrated they took a month off

  • Mr. Chimichanga

    It looks like mircosoft isn’t gonna have a lineup at all because they keep shutting down all their big games. They did it with fable last year, now I’m scared crackdown is gonna get the axe

  • Bl4kAce

    I don’t have an xbone but I was gonna buy scalebound and play it on my brothers… This was the only interesting exclusive that I wanted. Why Microsoft? why?

  • BlackDiclonius

    And the L of the year goes to… Microsoft. Smh, who gives a fuck about Halo Wars lmao

    • Randyrules

      It was a retarded move, but L of the year? We ain’t even 2 weeks in, sounding like a fanboy

      • BlackDiclonius

        Not a fanboy. I own all. Nice try tho

        • Randyrules

          Oh just ignorant then, aight

          • BlackDiclonius

            Not ignorant either. I admit I was exaggerating a b it made me mad at the time. I really don’t care anymore now. Good day smh

  • Beatabich

    I read that the main reason they cancelled it is because the xbox one was too weak. It’s because of this that developers had trouble trying to get the game to run correctly. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s revived around the time Scorpio is launched because then Microsoft will have stronger hardware.

  • Randyrules

    Microsoft kills themselves* should be the title

  • Angello Shillingford …..why

  • TiciTotyTony47

    Microsoft took a major L already for 2017. I was looking forward to Scalebound it just needed to fix the framerate. I wonder why this was cancelled all of a sudden so this is very shocking to me. I wonder if Microsoft was threatened by Nier: Automata. Whatever the case is it is a huge FU to consumers.

  • Dan Davies Rip. Taken too soon. So young

    • Nonononononononooooo
      It’s been put back, announced 3 years ago and I’ve spent so many hours watching shit on it. Especially recently.
      Fuck. You. Microsoft. There aren’t words. I wish you didn’t show me this. What even is life.

  • Shawn G.

    Microsoft has the same syndrome as Nintendo, except in reverse. Instead of focusing on 1st party game development and letting 3rd party support fall by the waist side, they only focus on 3rd party importing like a true American company and doesn’t really manufacture 1st party games anymore sans Halo and maybe Gears of War…

  • Gus StGermain

    No, don’t be this honest still not understand this logic

  • Fingerblaster

    This game had so much promise! I was actually looking forward to this…..