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Published October 25, 2017

After all that Kojima drama Konami announced that they’d be moving forward with the Metal Gear franchise. The first announcement was Metal Gear Survive. A zombie survival game that takes place in the Metal Gear universe. Naturally, this pissed off the fan base, but Konami doesn’t care.

They said you’ll be able to purchase their game February 20th, 2018 in North America, 21st in Japan and 22nd in Europe. The game will set you back $40. If you preorder, then you receive the Survival Pack as a bonus which includes

  • Four Gold Plated Weapons – Bat, Spear, Machete, and Sledgehammer
  • Two Additional Gestures – Happy and Thumbs Up
  • Four Metallic Survival Scarves – Purple, Green, Blue, and Silver
  • “Kabuki” Face Paint
  • “Boxman (The Orange)” Accessory
  • Mother Base Nameplate


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