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Published March 8, 2016

Konami has already been on everyone’s bad side ever since they let Kojima go and produced a very subpar version of Metal Gear Solid 5. We reported on a fan made version of Metal Gear Solid called ‘Shadow Moses’ earlier which was being made on the Unreal 4 engine. It looked very good but sadly this is no more as the creators of the remake have shut the game down. Currently, there is no word as to why they pulled the plug, but everyone can speculate that Konami had something to do with this as this just screams “copyright”.

On the bright side, the group hasn’t ruled out a game that uses Metal Gear’s gameplay elements. It just wouldn’t use any likeness to the Metal Gear franchise itself to avoid any possible reason for Konami to get their greedy little hands onto it. We’ll keep a look out for any more developing stories.

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