Melee Combat Online RPG?! Sign Me Up For Absolver Please

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  1.' Gabe Real Coocoo Tah says:

    I. Am. READYYY!!!!

  2. JohnIn3D JohnIn3D says:

    The trailer looks dope. Not a fan of masks, but maybe they’re pre-made characters you pick from. I’d give it a try.

  3.' TiciTotyTony47 says:

    This looks lit af imo i will defirnetly check it out

  4.' I came lookin for booty says:

    Oh it’s lit as FUCK

  5.' Childish Corbino says:

    Combat looks great, idk about it for online, but gets old beating 20 guys with one button and actually have combat

  6.' Enjay Warmack says:

    Mortal Kombat needs to steal this

  7.' Ducked Up says:

    It’s hella lit, let me touch dat

  8.' KingsChosenOne KCO says:

    It does look cool. I just need a good 5min gameplay showing 1v1, 2v2 and then like 2v1. If its still impressive I’ll be sold.

    1.' Squeaky Clean97 says:

      They just released gameplay today

  9.' eviltwinnumber2 . says:

    funny, I was recently thinking how cool a game focused on melee combat would be for an online RPG. I hope it’s great, it would be a big hit that is missing in gaming right now

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