Meh Alert: First Look At The New Tomb Raider Film

  • Braxton Bailey

    It’s probably going to be trash. It should be animated not live action.

  • It does look like some parts were ripped out of the game. Especially the one with her running on that broken wing to that plane .

  • Solid Shepard

    I agree the trailer was trash, nothing but a whole lot of slow motion hollywood cliche bs. Alicia Vikander is a good actress but never liked the idea of her playing Lara. Also might sound like an asshole but someone needs to get her a french fry or something shes a twig.

  • I’m only hating that her tiddies. Looks alright to me.

  • Alexis L

    It looks so terrible and she bears no resemblance to Laura at all. Its all so wrong… Hollywood ruining good franchises with its usual drivel the last century or so, they’re so out of touch.