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Published August 23, 2016

This has been a monumental week for manga in Japan. One of the Legendary Big 3, anime that probably got most people reading this into anime Bleach ended. Publishing its final chapter after 15 years of serialization in Weekly Shōnen Jump. The Bleach manga started in 2001 and will now be compiled into 74 total volumes, it was adapted in 2004 until 2012 totally at 366 episodes. With Naruto having ended in 2014 and now Bleach, One Piece is the only one of the Big 3 still left, with it still having no end in sight.

The ending of Bleach was met with mixed reactions, with some fans saying it felt lacklustre and rushed, whilst other praising the author on finally completing it after 15 years. Many famous mangaka’s across Japan who have created some of best series in recent years like Gintama, Food Wars and even One Piece said a few words regarding how they felt about the mangaka and the ending of Bleach. The mangaka behind Bleach Tito Kubo wrote: “One way or another, I was able to finish drawing it in 15 years! I’m very thankful to all of the people who read it.

That wasn’t the only big news regarding manga’s ending this week however. Akame ga Kill the popular dark and edgy series that began in 2010, and was adapted by Studio WhiteFox in 2014 the studio behind Steins;Gate and this season’s Re:Zero. The manga is announced to be ending this year with its 15th and final volume being released sometime this winter. This was one of the most divisive anime to come out; with some calling it dark and mature, and others labelling it as the worst anime to come out in recent years. The anime does have an alternative ending to the manga, so the manga might be worth picking up after it ends, even if you didn’t enjoy the anime.

Mangaka’s words on Bleach
Akame ga Kill ending

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