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Published November 18, 2015

The Mass Effect community has one of the most dedicated communities in gaming. What other community do you know hated the ending of a game so much that they made the developers change the ending via free DLC? Naturally this same community anxiously awaits new details on the first entry of a new trilogy.

We got teased with a new trailer during N7 day that had us saying our final farewells to Commander Shepard. What you might have missed in the trailer, though, is some dog tags. Those dog tags read the name RYDER according to our source. What’s the significance of that name? Shepard was the last trilogies lead character who was named after first American space Alan Shepard. The first American female in space was Sally Ride. Not to mention the song playing during the E3 trailer is called Ghost Riders.

Coincidence? I think not! Now can we get some gameplay!

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