Mass Effect Andromeda Isn’t Coming To The Nintendo Switch

  • Vincent

    0-0 how is this possible!!!
    The Nintendo Switch was supposed to be revolution they had all those 3rd party developers!!
    Actually no one is suprised by this shit.

  • Solid Shepard

    Awww Bummer, I was really pulling for this; Playing ME:A on the switch…… damn can’t do that now.
    Guess I’ll just have to get ME:A on a different platform. Lmao

    • TiciTotyTony47

      Solid Shepard 😃 what a cool screename.

  • No shit it isnt😂y’all keep trying to hype that pathetic thing

  • Proof proof proof

  • Dawid Gadomski Shitendo. lal

  • Damn :/

  • Innovation, lol

  • TiciTotyTony47

    I can already see the Switch “No Game” Jokes coming from a mile away

  • This isn’t news this is obvious

  • Basedgold

    I see history is repeating itself…

  • They didnt say it was lol

  • I’ll give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt. ME:A is looking to be real clean so it probably needs a shitton of power. I’ll call it now saying the Ps4 pro and Scorpio will be pulling 1080p 30frames

  • Gus StGermain

    that’s the new question is it coming to the the wii u 😂😂😂