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Published December 10, 2015

The Mass Effect community is itching and fiending for some new details and today is that day. It isn’t much, but according to reports, Andromeda is going to be four times the size of Mass Effect 3’s map.  With this news also comes news that there were will be some new protagonists that have something to do with N7. We also got some details on the multiplayer mode. It sounds like a more flushed out version of the multiplayer we saw in ME3. Here’s the exact quote

“Mass Effect 4” will also feature a multiplayer mode, but the old characters will be gone. The development team from BioWare has confirmed that they have created new maps and characters at the request of gamers, notes Neurogadget.

The multiplayer mode of “Mass Effect 4” will be called Horde Mode where the player and three other friends will need to fight against waves of enemy troops in various battlefields.

The players will also need to disable bombs near a colony base, assassinate targets, among several other missions.

By completing multiplayer missions, players will gain XP and earn new multiplayer scientific weapons, weapons mod, new equipment and more. The player will also have the opportunity to earn APEX funds, the term used by BioWare for in-game currency in “Mass Effect” games, which they could use to purchase items in the Single Player mode.”

All this sounds cool, but can we get some co-op? What’s good with that?

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