Mass Effect Andromeda Gets Slammed Before Official Launch

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  • This may be weird, but I don’t care about this at all. See y’all March 21.

    • MrDatsouthkid

      Same way bruh same way

  • I dont care either. Day one patches will sort it all out because to be honest these are minor bugs.

    • Except there is no day one patch for the errors being pointed out. No one even knows what the day one patch is.

  • Hadi Mansour

  • It weird that this is a big thing but horizon zero dawn having graphics constantly pop in and out during any kind of cinematic isn’t mentioned anywhere (not a critique of this site, but all the people and places talking about this like it’s a big deal).

  • No

    Of course JG had to write this, TBH and Ethos are too hardcore of fanboys of Mass Effect to see anything wrong with it. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • The Black Hokage

      Or I’ve just been busy editing all the PAX East videos for the Gi Youtube cause they don’t edit themselves. If you notice it hasn’t been many articles from me the past few days period. But wait that doesn’t fit your narrative, so lets go with your stupid answer 🙂

      • Doc

        I thought you were done cookin niggas in the comments lol

      • No

        I mean, you did create a 5 reasons to be excited for it video, and even in the discussions about it on the podcast, it’s been nothing but positives, now I understand the embargo and all but relax, it’s all cool, no need to get your Mass Effect panties in a bunch, focus on all the negative reviews it’s been getting and figure out how you’ll damage control it.


    The final nail in Bioware’s coffin hopefully. Mass Effect fans deserve better than this fucking trash.

  • I hope this game flops.

    Bioware went down the wrong path of diversity. Diversity in video games is fine, but diversity in employees who don’t know how to create a game is company suicide.

  • This is what happens when a game gets the sjw treatment and sucks it had to look like ass

    • Mikko L.

      I concur.

  • Randyrules

    How come everyone defending animation glitches on mass effect but roasted ac unity for the same thing?

    • Phillip

      Mass Effect isn’t known for bugs and glitches as much as AC is. That’s coming for an AC fanboy too

      • Randyrules

        I guess you got a point there

    • Mikko L.


  • What? Sweaty nerds talking shit about something they have never experienced and read a poorly written blog about? Shocking!

  • Static

    Y’all tweaking if u think or want this game to flop because of sum facial animation and good god a game with glitches is so unheard of… look that stuff doesn’t even happen that often except awkward facial animation. The game is pretty damn good so far and nothing is breaking it yet so to say half the outrageous stuff people say for sake of a wack ass one liner in their “review” is just doin the most.. also let people work fam I’m sure they don’t have as much free time as most do editing takes a minute it’s even longer if multiple videos need to be edited looked over RE edit remove stuff hope nothing got lost corrupted or just doesn’t fit finalize it export it upload it… besides does it matter who wrote the article

  • Jordan Stanley smh

  • Hezron Partin

    Does this

    • Mikko L.