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Published July 24, 2016

Actress Brie Larson (Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Room, Skull Island) had been rumored for the past few months to be the frontrunner for the role of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, though a few other actresses names were still also in the mix according to some outlets. However, after today there will be no more confusion as Marvel took to San Diego Comic-Con and revealed that Larson would in fact the the one suiting up for the role.

Not much is know regarding the film as it is still in the early development stages, however, it has been also confirmed by Marvel that Captain Marvel will make her big screen debut in another film prior to her solo film, as she is set to appear in Avengers: Infinity Wars Part 1 (due out on May 4,2018) before appearing in her solo film the following year on March 8 and then once again returning for Avengers: Infinity Wars Part 2.

What do you guys think of Marvel Studios casting Brie Larson as Captain Marvel? Let us know in the comments.


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