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Published November 26, 2015

Here at we bring you guys the latest gaming content and today I wanted to briefly talk about Nintendo’s latest release Mario Tennis Ultra Smash for the Wii U. Mario is back again doing what he does best for the Nintendo franchise which is everything. But should Nintendo continue to make Mario their workhorse or should the beloved iconic character finally take the rest he deservers.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash’s new gimmick the Mega Battle is a new way to experience Mario Tennis. But unfortunately the feature which is suppose to be the way to draw new audience in is broken. I have experience myself, when you are in your mega form and shrink down instead of the game mechanics hitting the ball towards you as normal size . It actually hits it toward you as if you are still in mega form and it makes it more than impossible to return the ball. Another feature which most nintendo fans are upset about is the lack of party chat. You are able to play the game online but there is absolutely no party chat at all and hopefully that changes with Nintendo’s RUMORED¬†and not officially announced Nintendo NX.

I will give nintendo props though for still giving gamers the opportunity to still unlock characters without having it behind a paywall which is rare in the gaming community nowadays. The Knockout Challenge is the best way to be able to collect in game coins and unlock the characters & Star Characters.  Not a lot of content but fun for people if you play multiplayer. I would wait till this game is on sale before actually purchasing the game!

Let us know if you have the game and currently playing below!


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