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Published February 23, 2017

Every broke boy & broke girl across the globes most anticipated news just got revealed. What games they’d receive for “free” for being an Xbox Live Gold member. As usual, there are four games up for download. That’s two for each of Microsoft’s respective platforms. Those games include

Xbox One

  • Layers Of Fear (All month)
  • Evolve (March 16th – April 15th)

Xbox 360

  • Borderlands 2 (March 1st – 15th)
  • Heavy Weapon (March 16th – 31st)

March is only decent in my opinion. I’ve heard┬ádecent things about Layers Of Fear, but I thought Evolve’s servers were shut down. I guess not on the console? Who hasn’t played Borderlands 2 at this point? And what is Heavy Weapon? Anyways, remember that all games are playable on the Xbox One due to its backward compatibility. Anyone excited for March’s Games With Gold?

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