What Makes An Anime Interesting?

  • Characters make an anime interesting, for example:

    s-CRY-ed – Kazuma and Ryuho made that anime.

    Majestic Prince – The main cast of characters made that anime epic.

    World Trigger – again…characters

    My Hero Academia – characters, especially Midoriya, Kacchan, and others

    Overlord – Forgot his name, but yeah he made it epic

    Log Horizon – again…main cast of characters, they were awesome

    Examples of shitty characters making an entire anime bad:

    One Piece
    Fairy Tail
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Code Breaker
    Sunday Without God
    Attack on Titan
    Kill La Kill
    Akame ga Kill

    Those are just examples, and again my opinion so no need to go all SJW/Liberal on me.

    • Why isn’t Steins Gate on this list or fate/stay and log horizon is ass lol😂 jk jk

    • If I had to pick between log and SAO, I would take log, free. Still tho, wasn’t THAT much better.

    • Log Horizon didn’t have the shitty love triangle/harem like SAO did, so instant win for me lol

    • Fate/Stay seems like a good series, but a friend told me to read the light novels or else I wouldn’t understand the story.

      Not a bad anime, just could not understand what was going on lol

      • darius ward

        I don’t like when some animes kinda leave unto figure out things like I was watching this anime called K and it never answer what they powers was but it didn’t stop me from watching it. That’s the only thing I didn’t understand tho.

    • All anime is beautiful except for ones about sports and incest.

    • darius ward

      I agree w/ u it’s the characters but it’s also the story and they’re goals. Character development do they change overtime. What made them what they are today. I like a few animes u listed as animes w/ shitty anime and like u said that’s ur opinion I ain’t gonna jump on u because of ur opinion but if I may say, Attack on Titan, kill la kill fairy tail are good animes because of the story. And how the story progressed. I’m just saying.

  • No being akane ha kill

  • Come on, I just finished Akame Ga Kill last month and took forever to find closure after the finale. Thi…