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Published September 26, 2019

Were you a fan of The Last Of Us multiplayer aspect? Is that what got you excited about the next installment of the series? Well you’re going to be disappointed as news came about that The Last Of Us 2 will be a SINGLE PLAYER ONLY EXPERIENCE according to our source.

This news comes two days after we saw an extended trailer for The Last Of Us 2 during the Sony State Of Play. Lead game designer Emilia Schatz says “We’re focusing on a single-player experience, so we’re just making a single-player game for this”. Naughty Dog originally said that the multiplayer would be coming back, but now it looks like they changed those plans. Fun fact is I never even touched the multiplayer in the first game, but it was still my GOTY back in 2013.

How does this recent news of no multiplayer make you feel? Will you still be picking up the game on February 21, 2020 for the single-player? Also check out the newest trailer in case you missed it.

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    1. The multiplayer in The Last of Us 1 was actually very unique but if your looking for a multiplayer game run by Naughtydog I’d suggest Uncharted 4’s multiplayer a whole bunch of goddamn try hards so it’s worth giving a look. But I doubt the second last of us while have multiplayer.

    2. It’s a single player story driven game….. it’ll be okay without it.

    3. This game doesn’t need multiplayer. Not every game should have multiplayer.

    4. @UTxJGTheDon That’s a disappointment

    5. Dang dude really? I was really looking forward to it 🥺 the 1st ones multiplayer was amazing!!!

    6. I mean I’d still buy the game but definitely feel like something would be missing from my life o.o

    7. @UTxJGTheDon Welp hopefully that leads into more in game content and a longer game

    8. Sounds good. Does that mean there arenf any stupid MP trophies? Fuck MP trophies to death

    9. God of War didn’t have multiplayer and it’s still one of this generation’s best games.

      This will be just fine

    10. @UTxJGTheDon Aight. Xbox here we come

    11. it sucks because of the unique style of multiplayer that it provided I can’t wait to see how expansive the game will be now that the multiplayer is gone.

    12.' Sir Walt

      I really wish they didn’t do that. Still buying the game though. The story is just too good.

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