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Published December 4, 2015

Mad Catz has just officially unveiled their newest line of fighting game peripherals. Focused mainly on Street Fighter 5, these new fightsticks and pads are already available for pre-order.

The first two sticks below are the new TE2+ and TES+. These offer the familiar body and feel of previous products in this line, but come with full touch panel compatibility, and will run you $229.99 USD and $199.99 USD, respectively.


For those looking to go a different route, you can purchase the Street Fighter V arcade fightstick Alpha for only $79.99. This peripheral is more compact, but still gives you a full six-button arcade layout.

Lastly, the new fightpad pro gives players a wired controller option to use in battle. With the ability to switch between D-pad or analog stick, and the six face buttons, pad players can grab this product for $59.99 USD.



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