Macklemore & Ryan Lewis | Growing Up (Sloane’s Song) ft. Ed Sheeran

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  1.' Payton McDowell says:

    The main white people taking from black culture are at it again, and this time it’s about a poorly named baby.

    1. austin95 says:

      How are Macklemore and this song “taking from black culture”?

      1.' Payton McDowell says:

        His career in general, not specifically this song.

        1. austin95 says:

          Okay then. How does his career in general take from black culture?

          1.' Payton McDowell says:

            He uses his white privilege to advance in the hip hop world

          2. austin95 says:

            I don’t think he “uses” it as opposed to simply benefiting from it. While people are simply going to be more receptive to his music. That’s not his fault.

          3.' Payton McDowell says:

            Stealing from culture is stealing from culture .

          4. austin95 says:

            How is he stealing from any culture? His success doesn’t prevent any other artist from being successful.

          5.' Payton McDowell says:

            People will think he is a hip hop legend when he’s really a fraud

          6. austin95 says:

            Lol I don’t think anyone with musical taste would ever say he’s a hip hop legend at this point in his career.

            But how is he a fraud?

          7.' Payton McDowell says:

            He’s using blackness to make up for the lack of culture he has

          8. austin95 says:

            What? Lol

          9.' Basedgold says:

            I think you’re being trolled lmao

      2.' GOOSEDUCK says:

        It does have a sort of black gospel vibe to it, so it makes sense and we all know Ed sheeran and Macklemore borrow some Jazz, Blues and Rap.

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