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Published May 8, 2017

Lonzo Ball hasn’t played a single minute in the NBA, but he’s managed to keep his name relevant in pop culture. I mean he’s had to seeing as he was bounced out of the NCAA tournament fairly early. Regardless, many basketball experts predict he’ll go in the top 5 of this years NBA draft.  The kid has amazing court vision and that can’t be denied. That’s why he’s managed to get away with selling $495 sneakers.

As the draft creeps up on us Lonzo Ball adds one more thing to his list of accomplishments. Rapper! Mr. Ball just released his remix to Drake’s Free Smoke record off of More Life. On this remix, he raps about remaining focused and working hard. He drops mediocre Nyquil bars such as

“Felt the heat, but I’m hotter / You Simba nxgga / I’m Mufasa”

“Been ballin / I just added rapping. / Remove the fake yeah that’s subtraction. /”

“I’m spitting flame / like I’m a fucking dragon./”

Are you feeling it?

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