Is This Logic’s Worst Project?

  • Yes it is. I had to force myself to finish this album.

  • Joe

    Yes. Album summed up – I AM WHITE AND BLACK.

  • LilSESH

    It is.

  • Not by sales standards

  • I, as a fanboy, am highly dissapointed. I listened to YS1, 2, Under Pressure, YS3, The Incredible True Story, Bobby T. then Everybody, and this is a pretty bad 1 x_x

  • It was focused on this “post racial, I’m mixed i lnow what it’s like” mess.

  • This is one of Logic’s best albums. You guys are retarded.

  • Sonically, maybe. It sounds like a mix between the production of UP and ITS. In terms of the message, if you hear how describes these songs, it starts to have a bursting amount of meaning. I have a huge appreciation for the songs on here. I just think he had too many easy bars, too many ad libs, okay hooks, and let the story take up too much. Cause there’s a lot of talking.
    I think it ties with ITS as UP is still his best, as a whole. But I enjoyed it quite a bit, with America, Black Spiderman, Anziety, and AfricAryaN being my favourites.
    This is an album for the open minded and Logic fans. Otherwise, it may be a challenge getting through this one.

  • Yall need to honest with logic

  • I feel like I’m the only one who likes this album

    • Black Person

      You’re one of those people that don’t know the struggle, how to be cool, or what hip hop is. -gamingilluminaughty

  • Im fairly tired of hearing about his bi-racial issues, really. Not that it isn’t valid, but he covered it last album.

  • Too much talking and not enough bars

  • Black Person

    3 guys sitting around a table dog piling on something rather than blazing their own trail. Seemed like fun.

  • Logic trash lmao

  • Bars are just kinda weak imo

  • Look, I don’t mean to bash logic cuz he’s a really good person & genuinely nice. But in terms of music. I expected more from him. This album had a good message too it which is appreciated in these times where music like that wouldn’t normally be popular. But tbh, there was too much repitition for me. I mean in all, it “sounded” extremely corny, this album didn’t go hard or was as aggressive & lyrical as the last ones but I honestly believe it wasn’t supposed to be like that. These are songs that are supposed to get you thinking about what he talks about & trying to push for equality. You can tell he put in alot of work & it’s not all simple. But in truth, it truly sounds like it was meant to appeal to young teenagers. Just too corny for my taste.
    If my opinion makes you mad than your probably part of the problem logic be addressing in his music lbs