Logic Surprises Us With A Brand New Album

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  1.' Real Nigga says:

    This shit was straight fire. Im likin logic more and more as an artist. Give it a year and change and hell be alot bigger than what he is now. One of the handful of rappers out tryna bring hip hop back.

  2.' Pitbull907 says:

    As always Quality work from logic and UG

  3.' Debo says:

    Super Mario World became an instant favorite

  4.' BlackGuy3Eye Lightskin Tchalla says:

    This was pretty cool. I think Under Pressure still my favorite project from him tho. Bumps for what it is.

  5. Jessie Nixon Jessie Nixon says:

    If it’s a mixtape no wonder I couldn’t find it on Google Play

    1.' 8ig3ll says:

      Look on the new releases. It’s on there.

  6. Eric Gibson Kevin Cajilus

    1. We know you late ass nigga

    2. And you didn’t tell me. You fucker

    3. We talked about it this morning

  7.' 8ig3ll says:

    Only problem I have with this guy is he sounds like other rappers. But I think he’s the best at it and I love his music. That Super Mario song sounds like that Drake Still Here song.

  8.' Junko's Disciple says:

    Logic has some of the most cancer fanbases in rap right now

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