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  1.' Bad J says:

    He really sounds the same on every song.

    1.' stopyournonesense says:

      listen to more music , more artist , and take the time to reflect about what you just said .

      1.' Bad J says:

        Wuuuut? I listen to otherartist and if they sound the same on every song i complain about it then to. Not to hard to switch up the style or flow and speed. Reflection done. Now study this and learn.

        1.' Vick says:

          Some complain when he sound the same others will complain when he switches up and raps different. Can’t win with everybody regardless.

          1.' Bad J says:

            I don’t see why anyone would complain about any artist being versatile. But I know humanity so Im not surprised.

          2.' Uncommonly Dope says:

            His voice sounds the same not his music. Because he has different styles of rapping.

          3.' Bad J says:

            I love you fanboy niggas who talk to people like they’re retarded because they don’t agree with the shit you worship. Believe it or not, but I have the intelligence to differentiate voice from style. You must have missed the part where i addressed that. Rapping fast and rapping a little less fast aren’t exactly different styles. A large portion of his songs have the same or very similar styles. But this is probably falling on deaf ears as usual on the internet.

        2.' stopyournonesense says:

          you said sound at first ,then you just need to listen to more logic
          listen to:
          under pressure
          all i do
          i’m gone
          driving ms daisy
          break it down .

          1.' Bad J says:

            I listen to the under pressure album, but what really makes the largest difference in my most liked songs on the album is the beat. I’m Done and till the end are the most different. Also i only really like driving Ms. Daisy because of Bino

    2.' RK says:

      on the Drake/future mixtape every song sounded the same to me.

      1.' Bad J says:

        Didn’t listen to it. Never will.

        1.' RK says:

          If you’ve heard Jumpman . you’ve heard the entire mixtape

          1.' Bad J says:

            I was subjected to it over the weekend. Doesn’t seem like a good tape at all. But I’m not a fan of either artist to begin with so surprise surprise.

  2.' Stevie WL says:

    sounds great

  3.' RK says:

    I am beyond hyped !!!!

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