LMAO: Virus Locks You Out Your PC & Forces You To Score 200 Million Points In A Game

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  • Yung Gabo

    This is so evil.. like Dr. doofenshmirtz type of evil

  • You should add download links to Gems like this lol

  • Apathetic Red

    Please tell me this is a joke because this is actually just a slightly reskinned Touhou game which is regarded as one of the kings of the “bullet hell” genre

  • Yo!!!!

  • Tristan Derksen

    I wouldnt even be mad if i got this virus, touhou is the shit

  • Basedgold

    Jesus Christ…..

  • B.Parker

    If you can modify the game files and add a score of 2 mil+ the ransomware might think you beat the game and should unlock all your files.