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Published October 18, 2017

Cliffy B is on record saying he is going to do whatever he can to save his baby Lawbreakers. I commend him! The latest update video shows the game is still pushing out fresh content. The new update includes ranked played, balance changes, a new map and more. I might actually redownload the game!

That doesn’t change the fact that the games user base is declining. I know you’ve seen the articles across the net. Titles such as “Lawbreakers only has 10 players” are all the rage with the kids. A userbase that small makes it hard to find matches.

What if I told you it’s so hard to find a match in Lawbreakers that Twitch streamers are falling asleep? Would you believe me? Probably not, but it’s the truth. Streamer PantsPocket_ waited an entire hour on stream for a match when his itis started to kick in. Maybe he had some Jalapeño poppers or some dinosaur chicken nuggets; I don’t know?

What I do know is this man fell asleep on steam and became a legend! Witness this greatness below!

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