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Published September 29, 2017

The streets are a mean place. My parents used to tell me idle time is the devil’s playground. That’s why we lose so many youths to the streets. Ever since Dewy ran away in Malcolm In The Middle he’s been forced to fend for himself.

In 2015 Dewy resurfaced on YouTube as a full-blown “savage” via his debut music video Drill Time. Since then he’s released several more singles reminding the word that he’d shoot us in the face.

Then he did that VladTV interview where he admitted that “Slim Jesus” is a character & everything he raps about is fake. He’s actually a Drill Music groupie who wanted to give this demonic art form a shot.

Since that interview, he’s been punked at EVERY venue dumb enough to pay him to perform. He even got his mic snatched on stage in CANADA aka the nicest place on earth! That hasn’t stopped Dewy from dropping more new visuals.

His new song is called Warning Shots and it’s video to remind all his opps he MIGHT be about this life even though we all know this is a cry for help. In Warning Shots Dewy gives us hard-hitting bars such as “like a janitor, you can get mopped up, so you better have your gun when we pop up!” and “I was fucking on his bitch on his momma couch, cause she know I got them bands in my bank account!”

*sheds tear* … Dewy grew up so fast!


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