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Published July 15, 2017

Superhero content is the wave. That’s why you see film after film and game after game starring your favorite heroes from the DC and Marvel Universe.

Disney aims to capitalize on that with their latest D23 announcement. A new VR game called Marvel Powers United VR. Don’t get too excited though.

Marvel Powers United VR is another VR game that centers around horde mode. You stand in a room, and a punch/shoot a bunch of stupid enemies in waves.

The only difference is this game has a Marvel coat of paint on it. The trailer showcases gameplay from Rocket Racoon, The Hulk, and Captain Marvel.

Hopefully the full game will have more characters, and hopefully, it’s not an Oculus Rift exclusive. Oculus trying to make everything exclusive to their platform is not growing the small VR market. Check out the trailer below.


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