Live Action Cowboy Bebop In The Works

  • 😑

  • Gonna be ass

  • Please stop

  • Oh for the love Satan, Why?!

  • No. If Keanu was still attached maybe because he is a huge anime fan, but I will not support this.

  • Two words: Fuck no!

  • LowKey_Afro

    Son, like do I have to say anything we all know how Hollywood will fuck this up and put shame to the series. Live action is always going to fail especially in the US, even though Japan does it doesn’t mean y’all gotta do it too.

  • no one is excited for this

  • No. It’ll be whitewashed to hell. Do you want another flop anime adaptation?! BECAUSE THATS HOW YOU GET ANOTHER FLOP ANIME ADAPTATION!!!

  • Justin Worley

    I hope they don’t fuck it up but based on their previous record they will

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal What really ummmm

  • Nooooo!!!!!!!!!

  • No

  • topdogentertainment

    i am a bitchy bulbasour and i think ill be desent

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal Bruh

  • Idk man anime that turns into live action always suck

  • I hope it goes well and if it sucks, i know it wont ruin it for me cuz i know that i can always get the dvd/bluray of the anime.

  • Hope for the best but expect complete and utter shit.

  • Who tf is directing and producing it, and Keanu needs to be Spike, I will take no one else.

  • BiG CAM

    I wonder which white actors they’re gonna choose to be in their role… (Keanu can play Spike)

  • Teggy961

    Almost spit m fucking drink out! Here we go with Hollywood tryna capitalize on good content that doesn’t need to be bastardized