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Published January 7, 2017

Broke boys and broke girls across the world rejoice! PC gaming is as a whole is going free to play! Newcomer LiquidSky is currently positioning themselves to provide a service we haven’t seen before in gaming. Think of it as the Spotify of gaming. LiquidSky.

LiquidSky is a cloud gaming service that lets gamers access all titles on PC ranging from Steam to 3rd party clients such as the League Of Legends one. Anyone with a PC, Mac or Linux can run this service. So how does it all work? Advertising! According to our informant,

“You can play games for free, provided you’re willing to watch some ads before hand. It’ll change from country to country, but typically in the US you’ll watch between one and six minutes of advertising to gain enough credits for an hour’s gameplay, with a cap on three hours of credits per day.”

This service provides all its users with their own virtual PC. The amount storage you get depends on what type of customer you are. Storage options range from 100GB to 1TB. Obviously, if you’re paying customer, then you’ll get more. The paid version starts at $10 a month which get you their lowest tier virtual PC with options to expand. You can expect this service to launch in March.

LiquidSky shows some promise. Seems like a better version of Onlive. They’ve reported that over a million people have signed up for their beta, so the excitement is there. Will it stick is the question? Only time can tell. It’s an interesting option, to say the least. This might be something for people who want to get into PC gaming, but can’t afford an actual rig. It’s also ideal for those who just want to test the waters before investing in a rig.

We’ll be keeping our eye on LiquidSky.

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