Lil Yatchy Is Confirmed To Be Green Lantern

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  1.' BiG CAM says:

    A trash rapper in a trash movie, match made in heaven…

  2.' thaelectricfeel says:

    caught me hook line and sinker.

  3.' LowKey_Afro says:

    I can’t be the only one that was like “What”

  4.' Preston says:

    That’s not Hal Jordan in that tweet.

    1. Tevin Wilson Tevin Wilson says:

      Lol wtf? I hope they edit some base in his voice

  5. Malcolm Malcolm says:

    @Cuz_ImBlack Almost gave me a heart attack.

  6.' That nigga says:

    I guess blvck doesn’t know who John steward is.

  7. Let’s give it a shot. They act like rappers and made it this far

    1. Andre Poteet Andre Poteet says:

      I mean all past lanterns were trash might as well keep it going xD

    2. Right 😂on to the next garbage bag

  8. Josh Gravois Josh Gravois says:

    Foo I know you mad
    Anthony Redwing

    1. No foo. This is not real.

  9. Won’t be seeing that

  10. Rob Mitchell Rob Mitchell says:

    CeeJay Kilmonger Francis 😑😑😑

  11. Ja-wan Za Ja-wan Za says:

    it makes no sense but its perfect Tamba Overcomefears Le’no

  12. Jeremy Price Anderson oh well man

  13. Why can’t you have Michael B. Jordan as Green Lantern? Forever hold this L DC.

    1. It’s just for the TTG movie no one plans on seeing if I remember correctly.

    2. It don’t matter the movie is gonna suck regardless.

    3. My coworker can confirm that it will as ticket pre-sale have indicated that there’s little to no interest. Now that Lil’ Trash Pizza Joint is conformed for a role, I bet this abomination will fail harder.

  14. Title is misleading AF!!! he’s voice acting the green lantern in teen titan go cartoon movie

  15. They want to kill off green lantern huh lmao.

  16. Judah Bland Judah Bland says:

    that moment when blvck can’t spell yacht

  17. Teen Titans Go? Doesn’t count anyway

  18. I see it now. G.l. John Stewart played by lil boat. He says the green lantern chant and his red beeds and brads go green. He ueses the power of the ring to manifest an ice cold Sprite bottle, and some broccoli. fights Sinestro with the power of the gl core on his side.

  19. Trolling hard as shit. And if he is one, I hope he gets killed or beaten up

  20. Teen titan go is cancer

  21. Blake Richie Blake Richie says:

    Martin Arinaga In the teen titans cartoon movie or something? What’s the deal. Tell me.

    1. It’s from the new cartoon Teen Titans Go

  22.' Dante193 says:


  23.' treg3k says:

    I got excited untill you said Teen Titans “Go”

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