Life Is Strange Returns With Prequel: Before The Storm

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  1. boomer_moon@yahoo.com' Josbeasty says:

    How are they gonna go about this? Just simple pick a decision type of game? Theres no time travel but we’ll see how it goes

    1. Kaelun5@gmail.com' KDHDYT says:

      Either that or they could retcon the story and add time travel…

  2. junkgamerhec@gmail.com' [Your Unoriginal Name Here]™ says:

    The thing I loved about LiS was that they added the Butterfly Effect theme to it but this is a prequel like wtf can Chloe do?? Be a crackhead? We know how it all ends so me personally, I may just pass on this and wait for a proper sequel with a fresh new set of characters.

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