The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly & Bardock Are Coming To Dragon Ball FighterZ

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  1. Sly Miles Sly Miles says:

    Issa time for Weezy F Broly to make his grand entrance bruh @SirCaet @Ssj9Carter

  2.' Davon Phoenix says:

    I wonder if they’ll let one of Bardock’s finishers be him going super saiyan to use an ultimate move. That would be kind of dope in my opinion.

    1.' JustHsu says:

      Actually that is one of his move from the article

      1.' Davon Phoenix says:

        Oh awesome!

  3. Everyone picking broly. EVERYONE!

  4. Giovanni Hinojoza Roberto Moreno

  5. Josh Bing Josh Bing says:

    Christopher Bing Bardock and Broly

  6. Can’t wait for bardock! Good thing it was a given that bardock and broly were coming lol

  7. Madaris Mr’NoCredit Johnson

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