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Published September 27, 2017

Broke, but still, want something new to play this weekend? Why not give Lawbreakers a go? The games struggles are well documented. It has been reported that Lawbreakers peaks at 20 players. Cliffy B said he’s not going to cry in his lambo, but instead, make this thing work!

This is the Boss Key’s first move. A free weekend to attract more games. I believe the full game should go free to play to bring more people in, but I don’t think Boss Key has hit rock bottom. Maybe when only five people are on their servers, they’ll finally go full free to play.

The game will free on PC and PS4. If you enjoy the game, then you’ll also be given the option to pick up the game at a discounted price. We did a video sharing our thoughts on why we think Lawbreakers flopped so hard. Check it out below if you have time.


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