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Published October 17, 2017

It’s been a terrible time for Cliff Bleszinski and the entire team over at Boss Key Productions. The PC version for Lawbreakers reached an all-time low of 10 players last week, despite releasing countless updates including adding TDM to matchmaking. Cliffy B is not giving up and details have emerged on the 2.0 update heading your way on October 19th.

Patch 2.0 will be called the All-Star update. Included in this patch will be the Boss League with solo and duo queuing. This is their competitive mode which also will have Seasons like other popular competitive titles. You will need to get to level 5 before you can engage in Boss League. Game modes Blitzball, Uplink, and Occupy will be the game modes. These game modes will have limited map rotations.

New maps included in patch 2.0 are Gateway, which is a Blitzball themed design and a map variant of Redfalls called Bloodmoon. There are new stash drops, a new guided tutorial to teach you how to play the game, custom reticles, multi-region queue, and updates to the spectator mode, and balance changes.

I will give Boss Key one thing, they got knocked down but aren’t out just yet! Do any of these changes make you want to hop back into the Lawbreakers world?

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