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Published July 19, 2015

The mainstream Chicago drill movement has died down and the flood gates allowing local Chicago drill rappers like Chief Keef, Lil Durk, and Lil Bibby keep a long term mainstream popularity is over. Although drill is dead in the public the city of Chicago still cries from the plague of poverty, lack of guidance, and crime. Law Tha Dragon a Chicago resident expresses how he feels with the lack of government aid, the recklessness of youth, and other issues he experiences in his city on the song Sleepless Night. I’ve heard a few of his songs on his album also called Sleepless Nights and he is dope and has potential. If you like what you hear, listen to his free album here. This isn’t a drill song, but I can respect the message and the Goku shirt somewhat won me over so we approve. Hopefully his album is hotter than a Super Sayian 4 Gogeta big bang kamehameha x100.

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