The Latest Nintendo Direct Finally Gives The Fans What They Want!

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  1.' guest says:

    Lmfao JG your Nintendo bias really shows. The direct has been great since the Switch, stop tripping “It’s been awhile when I could actually say that a Nintendo Direct showed something good”. Cmon Bro

    1.' Dan Schneider says:

      Most of GI dodon really fuck with Nintendo. They talk about how they wanna see them do well but then hardly even play the good games when they do come out .

      1.' guest says:

        I am a Patreon, Ace likes them the most. TBH has no problem either. I listen to the podcast, mostly JG slanders Nintendo for no reason.

  2.' Captain Tici says:

    My heart sunk to my stomach when i saw the Smash Symbol appear 😒😒😒

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