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Published August 29, 2015

The 16th great basketball war is heating back up again. Today 2K dropped a trailer showing off their tattoo options for you MyPlayer. EA response; a new screen shot that dropped via the official NBA Live 16 Facebook page. It’s not much, but it does show promise.

One of my issues with Live 14 & 15 was the camera was too close to the action. It made it hard to see everything going on the court, but it looks like they finally pulled that camera back so we can see all the action. Not to mention the game just looks dope. I have hope for Live. This might be the year this series makes a comeback. Lord knows 2K needs some competition.

Leave your opinion on the latest update in the 16th great basketball war in the comments below. Live 16 … Yay or nay?!?! Game drops September 29th for the Xbox One and PS4.


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